Class IV

This is the first course offered by BS Divers, as stipulated by Department of Labour, and acts as a steppingstone, upon successful completion, to further commercial courses. The emphasis is to acquaint and integrate the student to the underwater environment through theoretical and practical training – the key outcome is that the trainee diver is capable and competent to dive safely as a commercial diver, and know the techniques and problems involved in carrying out the specific underwater work needed for this class of diving. With this ticket the diver can work in the following areas: Police/Fire Brigade diver, scientific diver or archaeological diver.
Attained the age of 18 yrs; Pass a medical examination conducted by a designated medical practitioner. This Certificate must be obtained before training commences; Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and fractions; calculate percentages and transpose and solve simple formulae, e.g. gas laws, in the English language; Be able to understand and make written and verbal communications and communicate easily with others, in English; Pass a watermanship evaluation, prior to commencement of the course; Understand and make written and verbal communications and communicate easily with others; Be willing and able to work as part of a team, and have basic computer literacy skills.
This course constitutes a period of one month with one-week theory, a three day level one first aid course, valid for three years, and three weeks practical training. All our tickets are Department of Labour issued, internationally recognized and valid as long as the diver is medically fit.

The theory consists of the following components:-

History of diving, diving physics, diving physiology, diving trauma and medical emergencies, diving procedures, underwater work, decompression theory and tables, underwater and diving emergency procedures, plant and equipment, gas handling, chambers, diver communication, environmental conditions, underwater hazards and dangerous conditions, basic seamanship, support, documentation, management and planning, safety, diving legislation.
Three exams will be written consisting of the Theory (60% pass mark), the Diving Legislation (80% pass mark), and the First Aid (80% pass mark).

The practical training consists of the following:-

Pool/confined water training, open water training (consisting of the following three sections: basic surface swimming equipment competency, basic SCUBA competency and water skills competency), in water training and bottom times, practical diving, surface procedures, underwater emergencies, communications, underwater work, plant and equipment, seamanship and rope work.
The various minimum bottom times the student will complete consists of the following depths and times: 0-09 meters with an overall bottom time off 400 minutes, 10-19 meters with an overall bottom time off 300 minutes and 20-30 meters with an overall bottom time of 200 minutes which will include various drills and equipment.

The Watermanship evaluation will consist of :-

1.) 25 m underwater swim from a standing start; 2 – 300 m free style (To be completed within 10 minutes); 3 – 100 m back stroke; 4
2.) 50 m swim with 5 % of body mass on weight belt; 5 – 60 seconds treading water with hands on head; 6 – 30 seconds rest period; 7 – 20 second breath hold on the pool floor.

Students who do not have a qualified DMO in their vicinity can, on the first day of the course, do the medical checkup in Hermanus, where in the case they are declared unfit to dive, they will be refunded in full.

Students will need the following basic diving gear before commencement: 7 mm diving suit, mask and snorkel, gloves and booties, flippers, knife and weight belt with 1 kg lead for every 10 kg body weight. Please contact Coral Wetsuits two weeks before the course!!

We will supply the rest of the diving gear, studying manuals and materials needed to complete the course safely and successfully. We are situated in a harbor, 30 cm from the sea, with modern classroom facilities including overhead projector, PowerPoint and DVD training material. The instructors are still actively involved in various commercial sectors bringing firsthand knowledge to the diving students.

Diving drills:-

We do believe that students must maintain a high level of personal fitness.

Continuously through the course various swimming drills will be executed to help enhance the students fitness level. This will be invaluable in future work efficiency and the responsibility lies with the student to carry on with a lifelong exercise regime.