At BS Divers we are committed to delivering training above the given standards, and our competitors.

As many students come to us for further courses, we believe it would be the best to start the correct training right from the beginning.

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2020 Third Intake

Third course intake starts on 29 June 2020

The 2020 Price List:


The 2020 Course Dates:

International Students

At BS Divers we offer an international student package for the needs of students traveling in from abroad.

Full international package deal. This is for 12 weeks for R125,000.00 / $7,000.00

RPL international training deal. This is for 8 weeks for R110,000.00 / $6,200.00


TOP UP / RPL will be 8 weeks, 1-week assessment, medical and level 1 first aid course. This is recognised by IMCA.

Including: 8 weeks’ accommodation; transport to/from airport; 2 x week shopping transport; SA DOL medical; basic dive gear hire; SA DOL registration fees / certificates / tickets; Class II-50m SSDE course, Level 1 first aid course, Underwater welding / Broco cutting course; Pre-sea course, Chamber operator course, Chamber / Wet bell dives. Excluding: VISA; Flights; Meals.

The prospective diver will need to send electronic proof via email to BS Divers of all the above mentioned documentation which will be scrutinized by BS Divers, and upon passing the criteria a decision will be made to allow the diver to join in on the RPL course.

Class IV

This is the first course offered by BS Divers, as stipulated by Department of Labour, and acts as a steppingstone, upon successful completion, to further commercial courses. The emphasis is to acquaint and integrate the student to the underwater environment through theoretical and practical training – the key outcome is that the trainee diver is capable and competent to dive safely as a commercial diver, and know the techniques and problems involved in carrying out the specific underwater work needed for this class of diving. With this ticket the diver can work in the following areas: Police/Fire Brigade diver, scientific diver or archaeological diver.

Class III

After successful completion of the class IV course, a student directly qualifies for the class III course. If some time has expired between these two, the student must have an in-date medical report. Where SCUBA was the primary form of diving on the first course, it will now form the backup system of the commercial diver on this and all the courses to follow. High pressure and low pressure gas supplies will now feed air, nitrox or tri-mix to the diver on demand, with communication masks and helmets being the norm. More emphasis is placed on handheld tools and the skills involved in using these in a wide variety of work environments, as using these tools forms the divers primary work function. After successful completion, students can look forward to working in a wide variety of settings, namely: Diamond diving industry, civil work projects (harbor construction, dam refurbishing) and even on offshore diving projects.

Class II

This course is specifically designed to equip the student with the needed technical and practical skills to work effectively in the ever-expanding offshore industry.

Natural resource companies are looking further and deeper offshore, and the need for commercial divers to assist in this process is always increasing and in high demand. With the latest range in helmets and equipment you will learn the necessary skills to effectively function on deeper dives and offshore platforms. Students will also be taught on course an introduction to underwater welding and broco cutting.

Emphasis will be placed on a variety of dive settings from boat, shore, quarry, harbor, wet bell and chamber simulated dive environments to increase contact with the dive industry standards.